A Bit About BeauxApps

BeauxApps is a startup app development company founded in 2013 with a vision to use iPhone and Android technology to make life easier and a little more fun. UHP Alarm Clock is the first of what will be a long series of exceptionally well-developed and user-friendly mobile applications.

Our phones are omnipresent, yet, at times, they fail to actually add value to our lives. BeauxApps is Worker_WrenchHangercommitted to changing that by harnessing the power of the incredibly flexible and powerful devices in our pockets to make each of your days better.

We are happy to announce the launch of UHP Alarm Clock — the best alarm clock app for iPhone (and soon Android). UHP’s development story is a long one (much longer than intended) and was quiteUHP Alarm Clock Pro Icon the process of learning, asking, learning again, and just plain sweat. We couldn’t have done it without our loving families and friends. Thank you all.

UHP Alarm Clock uses the iPhone’s vast array of sensors in a way never before implemented on an iPhone. UHP’s “path tracking” feature keeps the alarm from turning off until the user is physically out of bed and at the coffee maker (or toothbrush, or someplace else as important). UHP boasts another feature to wrest its users from under their covers. UHP’s “Social Media Accountability” feature threatens to tell your social networks if you oversleep.

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UHP was built for chronic “snoozers” in mind and allows users to set a hard limit on the number of “snoozes” allowed.

UHP does not rely on methods of tracking movement common to other apps. UHP is meant to be used indoors where GPS systems are neither reliable nor fine-grained enough to track movement precisely. UHP’s algorithms do employ GPS but primarily rely on the iPhone’s other sensors to determine a user’s location.

See more about UHP Alarm Clock at UHP’s site!

BeauxApps is (sort-of) a play on the name of the BeauxArts architectural style. It’s also a play on the founder’s name, Beau Babst. Apps should be functional, beautiful, and elevate our quality of life on a daily basis, while remaining easy to use.

A bit about the founder:

Beau Babst is from New Orleans and absolutely loves his city. He taught middle school math for 2 years after graduating from Yale University where he studied History (and not much about computers). During the day when he’s not chasing bugs in mobile apps, he’s a product manager at a startup in New Orleans.


Obviously, our main site is still in the works.


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